Sarah Musa has worked for internationally renowned companies the likes of Club Monaco, Ralph Lauren, and Theory for the past 10 years. She has now taken that experience to fulfill her ambition of creating her namesake brand.

The brand’s pursuit is inspired by Sarah’s multicultural upbringing and lived experience. Having been raised by a Korean mother and Palestinian father, Sarah embraces diversity and strives to deliver a message of inclusivity.  At a young age Sarah started to explore fashion by constructing and deconstructing accessories and sewing her own clothes, merging second-hand finds with her parents vintage clothing to make unique pieces. Her ambition to further her journey in fashion lead her to formally study at the Fashion Institute of Technology. With a degree in both fashion design and patternmaking, the brand’s ethos is focused on fit, function and quality as tenets of good design.  Designing clothing that enhances and simplifies the lives of women is at the heart of the brand.

Sarah Musa is a socially and environmentally conscious brand that focuses on minimal waste. The company practices recycling from the bottom up. By partnering with organizations like Fab Scrap and the Custom Collaborative, as well as making a daily effort to be green and support equality, the brand is committed to minimizing waste and helps support low-income minority women and minority owned factories.

Her signature turban will launch the brand into the market, and offer an accessory that is effortless, functional and fashionable for women of all walks of life.