Sarah Musa

Large Silk/Cotton Palestine Kefiyyah Scarf (Olive) 40"x40"

SKU: HW005



Our scarf is inspired by the traditional Palestinian Kefiyyah (Hatta) known to represent resistance. Made of the softest high quality natural fibers, we chose a lightweight blend that is 50% silk and 50% cotton. Each scarf is printed and hand sewn by a small family run factory in Turkey.

We took our traditional black & white kefiyyah print and changed it to two shades of green, adding depth and dimension, which reflect the color of the olive leaves and the olives.

For Palestinians, olive trees are sacred. Its slow growth and longevity is symbolic of our connection to the land. My family has olive trees that date back over 300 years and each year we harvest the olives to produce olive oil that last us the forthcoming year. Every drop of olive oil is precious and represents the generations before that tended to these trees so carefully so that the next generation can benefit.


100% of profits will be donated to urgent relief efforts in Palestine via: Palestine Red Crescent Society & Palestine Children's Relief Fund

The meaning behind the print: 

Center fishnet pattern: represents Palestinian fishermen and the Mediterranean Sea

Solid lines: represents the rich history of cultural exchange and trade routes through Palestine

Border pattern: represents olive leaves from our olive trees which are a sign of strength, resilience, & perseverance

Size 40"x40" (102cmx102cm). Size may vary slightly due to hand stitching.


Dry clean only or hand wash (gentle) and line dry.