Sarah Musa

Small Silk/Cotton Palestine Scarf (Olive) 19"x19"


Our scarf is inspired by the traditional Palestinian Kefiyyah (Hatta) known to represent resistance. Made of the softest high quality natural fibers, we chose a lightweight blend that is 50% silk and 50% cotton. Each scarf is printed and hand sewn by a small family run factory in Bursa, Turkey.

100% of profits from our first production run will be donated to urgent relief efforts via Palestine Red Crescent Society.

The meaning behind the print: 

Center fishnet pattern: represents Palestinian fishermen and the Mediterranean Sea

Solid lines: represents the rich history of cultural exchange and trade routes through Palestine

Boarder pattern: represents olive leaves from our olive trees which are a sign of strength, resilience, & perseverance

Size 19"x19" (48cmx48cm). Size may vary slightly due to hand stitching.

Dry clean only or hand wash (gentle) and line dry.